Welcome to our NEW Bookstore!

Welcome to our all new bookstore for the Cornell Lab Publishing Group, which now includes select children’s books from our non-bird related imprint to inspire children, Persnickety Press

We continue to add new books and products (including a full line of puzzles and playing cards from the New York Puzzle Company) and will also continue to add new features based on feedback from customers like you, so please let us know what else you’d like to see on the website. All suggestions and comments can be emailed to admin@wundermillbooks.com

Last, we’ve been running a BOGO on our 2019 desk calendars. They were so popular this year, that both of our warehouses are now completely sold out of the EASTERN & CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA edition for the year. We still have some WESTERN edition copies left, but they too will be gone soon. 

Have a wonderful fall season!

Brian Scott Sockin, Group Publisher
The Cornell Lab Publishing Group and Persnickety Press
are imprints of WunderMill, Inc.