Waterford Press ALL ABOUT BIRDS Pocket Guides (Better Birder Series)




Now available from Waterford Press and the Cornell Lab Publishing Group—15 handy folding pocket guides that will introduce you to basic birding skills, species identification, and enhancement of backyard birding habitats.

  • Better Birder Series: Five guides to get you started or advance your bird watching knowledge from the experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Birding 101 (OUT OF STOCK, WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN JUNE 30, 2017), Gardening for Birds, Nests and Eggs, Right Bird Right House, and Bird Feeders and Food.
  • Bird ID Series: Eastern/Central and Western Backyard Birds pocket guides (companions to our All About Backyard Birds field guides), seven regional Feeder Bird guides, and Hummingbirds of North America (an entire guide devoted to everyone’s favorite jewel-like bird).
  • Waterfowl ID Series (AVAILABLE MARCH 15): Waterfowl can be identified by using information about size, shape, color pattern, markings, behavior, habitat, range and calls. All clues are important, but by far the most important things to concentrate on for this group are shape and patterns of white. Three guides in this series.
  • Urban Birding Series (AVAILABLE MARCH 15): Six guides to get you started or advance your bird watching knowledge in six urban cities from the experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Boston, Houston, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, and Philadelphia.



Folded Size: 3.7in x 8.2in

Bird Feeders & Food

Bird Enthusiasts spend millions of dollars each year in their efforts to help sustain birds with the placement of bird feeders and food in their backyards. This guide helps teach users how to select feeders and food, including information on feeder placement, the importance of grit and how to provide it, and the necessity of water sources. Also provided are tips on discouraging unwanted feeder visitors. Order your guide today!




Birding 101 

Birders use many kinds of information to identify birds, including size and shape, color pattern, markings, behavior, habitat and calls. This handy guide puts basic birding skills at your fingertips, explaining simple techniques that allow you to sort birds into categories for easier ID. It also discusses equipment needs, resources and tools for the beginning birder, as well as tips for attracting birds to your backyard. Order your guide today!




Gardening for Birds

A bird-friendly garden provides songbirds with food, water and shelter and can increase the number and diversity of your avian visitors. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating bird habitats, including planning and maintaining your birdscape, selecting water features, and choosing appropriate native trees, shrubs, and flowers. It includes ideas for collecting and sharing knowledge about the birds your garden attracts. Order your guide today!



Nests & Eggs

This guide is a convenient primer for locating and observing nests. It offers information on the basic types of nest structures, typical nesting habitat for each species, number of eggs a nest may contain, what the eggs look like, and more. Also included are facts on nest-related bird behaviors. Order your guide today!




Right Bird Right House

Many species of birds will nest in boxes or other structures that meet each species’ requirements for a safe place to nurture eggs and nestlings. This guide provides the tools for launching a successful nesting structure project, starting with an overview of general types of nest structures, desirable design features of a nest box, and the best construction materials for purchased or build-your-own structures. Other sections survey common pests and predators and deterrence strategies, as well as best practices for nest structure placement. Included are profiles of 24 species native to North America. Order your guide today!



[December 2017] Bird enthusiasts will think a pocket guide for their hobby is the most thoughtful stocking stuffer they’ve ever received.  – Readers Digest

[November 2017] For the nature enthusiast on your list, consider a holiday gift from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to enhance knowledge and enjoyment of birds throughout the year. These gifts give twice because a portion of each purchase supports the Cornell Lab’s nonprofit mission to improve the understanding and protection of birds. – The Birding Wire

[November 2017] Birding is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the US and Waterford has several birding guides perfect for all ages. These pocket sized guides are laminated for durability and are really lightweight. Throw in the pack and get outdoors to play a game of I Spy and then use your guide to identify the bird. – Little Family Adventure

[May 15, 2017] The last thing you want to carry on a hike is a heavy bird book. Save the weight for trail snacks. The All About Birds Pocket Guide Series brings 15 new birding titles published in collaboration with Waterford Press and the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. The pocket guides are light, thin and easy to slip in a pocket or pack. The guides offer detailed species information, photos, illustrations, and maps. The titles cover a wide range of topics for everyone who is curious about birds — from Birding 101 to Nests & Eggs of North American Backyard Birds. – Pete Zimowsky / GetOutdoorsNorthwest

[October 2017] From finding feathers in your backyard to identifying nests on your next trail trip, this series of 15 pocket guides comes in handy for bird watchers. Collapsible, coated booklet folds small for travel and weathers well. – East Idaho Outdoors Magazine

[May 12, 2017] Complete with detailed species information, photos, illustrations and maps, the titles cover a wide range of topics including Birding 101 and Gardening for Birds. Watching and feeding birds is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America. Experts at the Cornell Lab are hoping that the guides not only help beginners learn about birds but encourage them to do what they can to protect and enhance bird habitat. – Kevin Naze / Green Bay Gazette

These guides get to the heart of those questions by revealing how to attract diverse birds to your yard, how to identify birds by sight and sound, and how to witness them raising their families — sometimes right in your own backyard. – Adventure Sports Outdoors

[November 2017] One of the things you notice when you’re in the great outdoors is all the creatures that surround you. Once you get out of the city, you’ll see a ton of birds you’ve never noticed before. These quick and simple birding guides are great to carry with you. Divided by region, they make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite outdoorsperson, too. – How Was Your Day Blog


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All About Birds Pocket Guides

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