We invite you to download, print, and enjoy these specially selected pages at home from two of our popular coloring books (now published by Princeton University Press).




Please enjoy these coloring pages excerpted from America’s Favorite Birds: 40 Beautiful Birds to Color from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, published by Princeton University Press.

America’s Favorite Birds is a very special coloring book, featuring 40 beautiful birds in their natural habitat settings with native flora, designed and vetted with ornithologists at the Cornell Lab to ensure scientific accuracy. Our selection of species involved our community of birders across North America and more than 250,000 votes cast by Cornell Lab Facebook fans!















America’s Favorite Birds – Atlantic Puffins 











America’s Favorite Birds – Bald Eagle











America’s Favorite Birds – Black-capped Chickadees











America’s Favorite Birds – Eastern Bluebird











America’s Favorite Birds – Great Horned Owl











America’s Favorite Birds – Painted Bunting











America’s Favorite Birds – Pileated Woodpeckers











America’s Favorite Birds – Ruby-throated Hummingbirds











America’s Favorite Birds – Wood Ducks





Please enjoy this coloring page excerpted from Birds of Paradise: A Coloring Expedition coloring book from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, published by Princeton University Press.

Take a mindful coloring journey into the pristine forests of the New Guinea region, home to the fascinating and visually stunning 39 birds-of-paradise. Join original expedition team leader and world expert on birds-of-paradise, Dr. Edwin Scholes, and renowned photojournalist Dr. Tim Laman, to experience the sheer beauty of these incredible creatures through coloring.
















Birds of Paradise – King Bird-of-Paradise











Birds of Paradise – Victoria’s Riflebird











Birds of Paradise – Stephanie’s Astrapia











Birds of Paradise – Red Bird-of-Paradise











Birds of Paradise – Greater Bird-of-Paradise











Birds of Paradise – Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise











Birds of Paradise – King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise











Birds of Paradise – Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise