Hawks from Every Angle: How to Identify Raptors In Flight


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Author: Jerry Liguori / Foreword by David A. Sibley
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 7.5″ x 9.5″


Identifying hawks in flight is a tricky business. Across North America, tens of thousands of people gather every spring and fall at more than one thousand known hawk migration sites–from New Jersey’s Cape May to California’s Golden Gate. Yet, as many discover, a standard field guide, with its emphasis on plumage, is often of little help in identifying those raptors soaring, gliding, or flapping far, far away.

Hawks from Every Angle takes hawk identification to new heights. It offers a fresh approach that literally looks at the birds from every angle, compares and contrasts deceptively similar species, and provides the pictures (and words) needed for identification in the field. Jerry Liguori pinpoints innovative, field-tested identification traits for each species from the various angles that they are seen.

Featuring 339 striking color photos on 68 color plates and 32 black & white photos, Hawks from Every Angle is unique in presenting a host of meticulously crafted pictures for each of the 19 species it covers in detail–the species most common to migration sites throughout the United States and Canada. All aspects of raptor identification are discussed, including plumage, shape, and flight style traits.

For all birders who follow hawk migration and have found themselves wondering if the raptor in the sky matches the one in the guide, Hawks from Every Angle–distilling an expert’s years of experience for the first time into a comprehensive array of truly useful photos and other pointers for each species–is quite simply a must.

  • The essential new approach to identifying hawks in flight
  • Innovative, accurate, and field-tested identification traits for each species
  • 339 color photos on 68 color plates, 32 black & white photos
  • Compares and contrasts species easily confused with one another, and provides the pictures (and words) needed for identification in the field
  • Covers in detail 19 species common to migration sites throughout the North America
  • Discusses light conditions, how molt can alter the shape of a bird, aberrant plumages, and migration seasons and sites
  • User-friendly format

Reviews & Endorsements

Hawks from Every Angle is a major advance in our knowledge of identifying raptors in flight and as such needs to be in the library (and field pack) of every serious raptor biologist, hawk watcher, and birder going afield in North America.”–Donald S. Heintzelman, International Hawkwatcher
“Perhaps no one knows the intricacies of raptor identification better than Jerry Liguori. . . . There is no doubt that this book will advance the identification of raptors, and that every hawkwatcher will want to own this great new book.”–Dan R. Kunkle, Wildlife Activist
“Jerry Liguori has spent most of the last twenty years in the field watching and photographing hawks, and thousands of hours poring over photos and research to piece the puzzle of identification together. The result . . . is this guide, which is the most detailed and confident explanation yet of the myriad clues that lead to successful identification of hawks. This book is the first of its kind that deals with the real-world problems of identifying flying raptors from different angles. . . . The understanding of what hawkwatchers actually face in the field comes through on every page.”—David A. Sibley, author of the National Audubon Society’s The Sibley Guide to Birds
“There is nobody in North America whose identification skills and knowledge base concerning the flight identification of birds of prey surpasses Jerry Liguori. If you want to know where the high water mark in raptor identification falls today, it is in your hands. If you aspire to pin names to birds that fly just this side of the limit of conjecture with a high degree of confidence, start reading.”—Pete Dunne, Vice President of Natural History Information, New Jersey Audubon Society, coauthor of Hawks in Flight

Author Information

Jerry Liguori has been studying raptors throughout North America since 1984. He has conducted hawk migration counts at spring and fall migration sites, such as Cape May Point, Sandy Hook, Derby Hill, Braddock Bay, Whitefish Point, and Dinosaur Ridge, and the Goshute, Wasatch, and Sandia mountains. He is the author of Hawks from Every Angle (Princeton).

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