Waterford Press ALL ABOUT BIRDS Pocket Guides (Better Birder Series)





Now available from Waterford Press and the Cornell Lab Publishing Group—15 handy folding pocket guides that will introduce you to basic birding skills, species identification, and enhancement of backyard birding habitats.

  • Better Birder Series: Five guides to get you started or advance your bird watching knowledge from the experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Birding 101 (OUT OF STOCK, WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN JUNE 30, 2017), Gardening for Birds, Nests and Eggs, Right Bird Right House, and Bird Feeders and Food.
  • Bird ID Series: Eastern/Central and Western Backyard Birds pocket guides (companions to our All About Backyard Birds field guides), seven regional Feeder Bird guides, and Hummingbirds of North America (an entire guide devoted to everyone’s favorite jewel-like bird).


Folded Size: 3.7in x 8.2in



Bird Feeders & Food

Wherever you live, if you love feeding birds and want to know tricks and tips for bringing them to your yard, then the Bird Feeders and Food pocket guide is for you. Learn about the best choices for food and feeder styles to attract the most diverse collection of avian friends. Order your guide today!





Birding 101 

Dive into bird watching with the Birding 101 pocket guide and soon you’ll be discovering the wonderful world of birds and maybe even a new pastime. Birding 101 provides a quick reference guide to help you identify birds with ease by describing what to look and listen for when observing birds. Order your guide today!





Gardening for Birds

Creating bird friendly habitat in your yard has never been so easy. Take this laminated, information-rich Gardening for Birds pocket guide to your local plant nursery when you shop for bird friendly native plants that will support birds year-round. Discover how to complement your plant choices with other habitat features such as running water, and you are on your way to creating an ideal birdscape. Order your guide today!




Nests & Eggs

The perfect companion for a summer walk, this beautifully illustrated Nests and Eggs pocket guide will hone your natural history skills and take your bird ID expertise to the next level. From the faintly speckled to the spectacular, eggs are a marvel of nature that any bird lover can add to their repertoire. Order your guide today!





Right Bird Right House

Entice more birds to your yard by providing the right kind of real estate with the Right Bird, Right House pocket guide. Learn how to attract and keep your feathered neighbors coming back year after year with handy tips on birdhouses and other structures that create a safe place for birds to raise their young. Order your guide today!




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Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .375 × 3.7 × 8.2 in
All About Birds Pocket Guides

Backyard Birds Eastern-Central, Backyard Birds Western, Bird Feeders & Food, Birding 101, Feeder Birds – Midwest, Feeder Birds – Northeast, Feeder Birds – Northwest, Feeder Birds – Southeast, Feeder Birds – Southern CA, Feeder Birds – Southwest, Feeder Birds – Texas, Gardening for Birds, Hummingbirds, Nest & Eggs, Right Bird, Right House