Waterford Press ALL ABOUT BIRDS Pocket Guides (Bird ID Series)





Now available from Waterford Press and the Cornell Lab Publishing Group—15 handy folding pocket guides that will introduce you to basic birding skills, species identification, and enhancement of backyard birding habitats.

  • Bird ID Series: Eastern/Central and Western Backyard Birds pocket guides (companions to our All About Backyard Birds field guides), seven regional Feeder Bird guides, and Hummingbirds of North America (an entire guide devoted to everyone’s favorite jewel-like bird).
  • Better Birder Series: Five guides to get you started or advance your bird watching knowledge from the experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Birding 101, Gardening for Birds, Nests and Eggs, Right Bird Right House, and Bird Feeders and Food.


Folded Size: 3.7in x 8.2in


Backyard Birds Eastern-Central and Western North America

Backyard birds are a mystery no more. With the Backyard Birds regional pocket guide you will learn about common backyard birds and tips on how to identify them quickly, before they fly away! Order your guide today!





Feeder Birds of the Midwest, Northeast, Northwest,  Southeast, Southern CA, Southwest, and Texas

Keep this handy Feeder Birds regional pocket guide at your window to help you quickly identify birds at your feeder…before they fly away! It’s all right there; identification tips, interesting details, and food and feeder preferences for the most common and charismatic feeder birds that show up at seven different regions across North America. Order your guide today!



Hummingbirds of North America

The Hummingbirds of North America pocket guide will teach you all you need to know about everyone’s favorite little bird, including how to quickly distinguish different species not only by appearance but by their unique behaviors. If you would like to see more of these jewel-like birds in your yard, we’ve also included tips about food, feeder styles, and feeder placement. Order your guide today!



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Dimensions .375 × 3.7 × 8.2 in
All About Birds Pocket Guides

Backyard Birds Eastern-Central, Backyard Birds Western, Bird Feeders & Food, Birding 101, Feeder Birds – Midwest, Feeder Birds – Northeast, Feeder Birds – Northwest, Feeder Birds – Southeast, Feeder Birds – Southern CA, Feeder Birds – Southwest, Feeder Birds – Texas, Gardening for Birds, Hummingbirds, Nest & Eggs, Right Bird, Right House